We are an Italian alternative metal band from Tarcento, Udine born in 2000.
Our music style is an alternative metal / modern metal shaped  by all the music we listen to…
bands like anathema, in flames, amorphis, the haunted, moonspell, ghost brigade, novembre, the ocean,
dark tranquillity , mastodon are a great source of inspiration….
The concept behind our music is to create songs that are aggressive and heavy but with a strong melodic component and trying to be creative
and change the dinamics of the music incorporating different kind of atmospheres in every song.

The first years of the band are well represented by the first self-produced cd: “I’ll Show You My Fear” (out in late 2007).
Some reviews of the cd are also available in webzines and magazines, along with an interview.
In the meantime the band got in touch with Alkemist Fanatix and has been proudly part of their roster.
After that we were ready to record our second album.

Nu Emotional Injection has been recorded at Zenith Studios in Lucca during February 2010,
produced and mixed by Frank Andiver (Wonderland, Labyrint) and mastered at Finnvox by Mika Jussila
(Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Sentenced, Moonspell). “Nu Emotional Injection”
has been published in March 2011 and is the perfect picture of what the band is and of its evolution during the years.

In 2014 with the new line-up we started working on songs to record an e.p. to fill this years of silence.
So Map Of Scars has been recorded, self produced by the band, available for order from this website and we are fucking excited to
let you all hear the results!!!

We hope to see you soon at our upcoming gigs.

current line up:

gianluca gobbi – bass & growls
christian di lenardo – drums
nicolas pezzetta – guitars
giovanni valente – guitars
mauro forgiarini – vocals